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          Do your part, and we pledge that you will graduate in four years. If not, Sewanee will provide up to one additional year of study tuition-free. Are other schools promising you that? We didn’t think so.



          The academic experience at Sewanee is unlike any other. That’s not an empty marketing statement. It’s just a matter of …


          Scholarship Sewanee: Undergraduate Research

          Sewanee’s undergraduate research program gives students the opportunity to explore new ideas, sharpen their research skills, and get a head start on a career or graduate school. Almost a quarter of students here were involved in mentored research projects last year, in the sciences (of course)—but also in the arts, English, politics, and more.

          Students have the chance to wow their peers by giving talks and presenting posters during Scholarship Sewanee, the annual celebration of student scholarship and creativity. Physics professor Eugenii Donev and his students

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          Finding Your Place

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          At Sewanee, you learn by doing, so participating in undergraduate research and civic engagement isn’t too much of a stretch for students like Lauren.

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          Student clubs & organizations

          When you go down the list of amazing clubs & organizations at Sewanee, please heed these two words of advice: pace yourself. With club sports, honor societies, art & publication organizations, student government, and emergency services, you'll find at least one thing (or 20) you want to join.

          Named drinks at Stirling's

          A Cool Sewanee Morning. A Crazy Sewanee Night. An Iced All Saints' Chapel. These are just a few of drinks available at Stirling's Coffee House—our student-run coffee house. An extension of Sewanee Dining, Stirling's is a perfect spot to grab a bagel or just hang out in one of the big comfy couches. Oh, and try our renowned curry chicken salad salad ... yum!

          Behold How Good: a Photo Essay on Belonging

          Belonging is connection. It’s mattering. It’s thriving. At Sewanee, we’ve created an environment to foster this sense of belonging. We also know that there is no finality to belonging—it’s continual and evolving. That’s why we’ve built a community full of diverse people whose goal is to walk alongside you no matter what.

          Have a look at some of the real-life people you’ll meet here on the Mountain. They were once where you are now—looking for a new community. See what these folks have to say about their experience. They are actively creating a space for you. Come visit to see if Sewanee is where you belong.

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          Sewanee Volunteer Fire Department

          Good Neighbors

          Sewanee’s flourishing civic engagement program reaches beyond the Domain to prove that a crucial part of preparing students for success is giving them opportunities to interact meaningfully with the communities and people around them.

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          facilitates partnerships between campus and community members to develop relationships, knowledge, and skills that improve our common life across the South Cumberland Plateau. 

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          A Living Learning Laboratory

          "If you're a student who is interested in being outside and studying the natural world and being able to do that at any time, Sewanee is the place for you."

          Professor Kristen Cecala is interested in how environmental change alters the ecology and distribution of amphibians and reptiles through behavioral mechanisms.


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          On SOP trips, students learn valuable leadership and technical skills while gaining a greater appreciation for the natural world.

          Learn from award-winning professors

          In his book The Forest Unseen, Biology Professor David Haskell uses a one-square-meter patch of Sewanee's old-growth forest as a window onto the entire natural world. His writing brings the forest and its inhabitants to vivid life. Read an excerpt below.


          I want to experience the cold as the forest’s animals do, without the protection of clothes. On a whim, I throw my gloves and hat onto the frozen ground. The scarf follows. Quickly, I strip off my insulated overalls, shirt, T-shirt, and trousers.

          The first two seconds of the experiment are surprisingly refreshing, a pleasant coolness after the stuffy clothes. Then the wind blasts away the illusion and my head is fogged with pain. The heat streaming out of my body scorches my skin.

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          News & Events

          Sewanee's outstanding community engagement efforts recognized with Carnegie Classification

          Sewanee Expands Financial Aid to Meet Full Need for New Students in 2020

          The University of the South is expanding its financial aid program to meet the full need of admitted students who qualify for financial aid, starting with the first-year students who arrive in fall 2020.

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